The video below captures the image of a mouse being chased and running for his life. After a while, because it ran too fast, it slipped. Legs and fell screaming in panic when he turned around and ordered to stand up to look, he suddenly saw that person was filming him and did not make fun of him.

The video was quickly received. Netizens were interested in the mouse’s funny situation and thought they were being chased and killed. Although the mouse is an animal that destroys furniture and food redundant everywhere are constantly being stalked to swallow, but this image makes many people laugh and sympathize with it. Rats are mammals, the order of rodents.

They are diverse and huge in number, easily adapted to all natural conditions, so the distribution of “residents” is huge; it seems that nowhere is there no mouse. In addition, they do not need “planned breeding.” Although the lifespan of rats is short – in general Rats usually live only 1-2 years and have children 2-3 years; Wild rats alone live more than six years, and terrestrial otters live up to 9 years – but their reproduction rates are ridiculous often, creating a “territorial overflow” eastern line.

Rats destroy our food in fields, orchards, poultry feeds, and livestock while processing, transporting, or storing when leaving in supermarkets, restaurants, or at home. What they do not eat can also damage or contaminate their feces, feathers, or urine. They We often know that rats are harmful animals that humans always want to eradicate, but besides that, they also have fascinating characteristics.