The video below captured images at a gas station where people usually worked and traded; a motorbike suddenly caught fire. The owner of the car That person panicked and jumped out of the car; the situation at that time was very urgent and chaotic, and if not handled in time, the vehicle could catch fire and make the gas station explode.

At that time, the consequences were too dire beyond imagination. The young people nearby ran away one by one and did not forget to turn around and push their carts away from the fire. A female saleswoman there quickly took the fire cure and put out the fire soon, making the audience sigh with relief. The video ends
attracted much public attention and caused much controversy.

They condemned the fleeing actions of the men present and boasted them calmly. Handle the situation skillfully of the saleswoman. They think that those men are inferior to a small but brave woman. Besides, There are also some opinions in favor of the actions of the other men, saying that it is normal to act scared and run away in such an urgent panic.

Of course, she had to take care of herself before the danger, and the girl was trained to handle the situation and knew that a fire could not easily explode quickly.
So it’s not surprising that she calmly handles the situation. But it’s impossible to deny the merits and brave actions of the girl and everyone. Send her many compliments and hope that everyone will be more careful in every situation, so there are no incidents.