In the clip, three people are on the plane. Consists of a woman, a man and a baby. Looking at the clip, we see that the woman and the man are the child’s parents. Parents traveling on an airplane with 2 people sitting in 2 seats and the baby lying on his father’s feet, after waking up, the baby crawled down to play on the floor of the plane.

After a while, the mother woke up, saw her child sitting on the floor, and took out her phone to record the baby’s image. Seeing her children playing happily and surprised, she seemed excited without any worries. I saw the clip she posted showing that parents are too indifferent to their children not to take care of the child while the parents are sleeping, which proves that parents do not care about their children.

The reason we go on a plane, before take off, the staff always check and force us to fasten our seat belts because the plane can suddenly strike unexpectedly so we should be very careful. Be careful when traveling by plane, especially children. Why don’t you quickly pick up your child when you see your child like that, but also take out the camera to film that action to show the child’s guilt? After this incident, the mothers took their children on the plane carefully, taking care of the baby.

Avoid the case that the child automatically wreaks havoc on the plane, then it will easily cause a big accident on the plane.