The video made viewers extremely surprised when the girl in the video was a soldier and she was returning home after a period of separation, when her father

and mother were taking pictures, she suddenly entered the house and stood next to her mother.

Her mother now, because her eyes were glued to the camera, did not pay attention to her surroundings, and thought this was the photographer, so she went in,

without thinking much until the picture was taken.

The new girl looked back and was surprised to see that standing in front of her was the girl she had been waiting for and missing so much. She froze for a few

seconds, looked closely to see if it was her daughter, and then hugged her daughter in her arms.

We both cried because we were so happy and happy, I cried a lot because I missed my mom so much and she missed me too. The video quickly received a lot of

comments from netizens, some netizens couldn’t hold back their tears and shared:

“Oh this makes me cry”

“Nice to meet her family”

“God, that’s so sweet”