She’s not a very disruptive person, and the defendant Danny Gonzales learned it the hard way. One of his episodes has been uploaded.
According to Ms. Gabby’s report, Gonzales’ neighbor sued him after he shot her in the window and sliding glass with a BB gun. Gonzales blames the gun dealer he bought the gun from.

He claimed that the salesman was proving that BB guns were in working order, and the neighbor’s windows and doors were accidentally shot in the process.
Judge Judy is trying to figure out the end of the situation and question Gonzales during the episode. Later, it was known that Gonzales had ten children.
Judge Judy admitted that it had nothing to do with the case, but she wanted to know how a 21-year-old man could have 10 children.

Then she asked how many different women he had had children with. Gonzales replied, “about four people. Including your daughter.” He quickly tried to save the situation by saying it was just a joke.
Judge Judy didn’t miss a beat saying, “Let me explain something to you, new mouth. I’m the only one making jokes.” Gonzales then made another serious mistake.
He told her that it might be her show, but it was his episode. She quickly reminded him that he “had no episodes.” The only thing you need to do is answer her questions.

She added that she needs to make a decision based on his answer and ask him if he understands. He replied that he did, and she went on about it.
Judge Judy also explained that he was responsible for the seller’s actions after he invited him into the house and Gonzales was ordered to pay damages to his neighbor.