Recently on social networks posted a video with a funny situation when a man was repairing a washing machine and her sister was standing behind, when he

was in a position with his head towards the door of the washing machine and his feet towards the door washing machine behind towards the door.

She took a piece of the tool and stuck it on the door, meaning that the handle of the tool was pointed directly at his ass and this was the wife’s troll.

After sticking to the door, she continued to close the door, making viewers guess what to do next, the sound of the door closing was so strong that viewers

were both surprised and heartbroken for him.

The handle of this tool is stainless steel so doing this trolling will be very painful. Many netizens after watching this video felt very funny and interesting, some

even thought that the guy aimed directly at his butt, causing his butt to hurt.

The wife is also very naughty when trolling the cool guy. Also because of this, the views and comments increased significantly, it is worth mentioning that

the views increased continuously.

Comment interaction is equally impressive as the comments all mention the names of their friends who came to watch.