The video shares a picture of a car going backwards, but it seems to be having some kind of problem and losing its steering, and it’s constantly crunching and it’s kind of dangerous.

After a while it stopped in the middle of the road in front of a car. The driver doesn’t seem to be okay, he looks like he’s having a health problem here, the man in the black has run out to check and help. It looks like he’s not feeling well and it looks like he may have had a stroke while driving, which is dangerous for drivers and road users.

What is a stroke?
The brain is the most powerful metabolic organ in the human body. Here, oxygen consumption accounts for 20-30% of the entire body. The brain needs energy from 108g of glucose a day. However,
the brain itself cannot store energy, it relies on blood to transport oxygen. The brain is therefore extremely sensitive to ischemia.
When there is a problem with blood supply to the brain, such as a blocked blood vessel, the blood vessel in the brain ruptures causing the blood supply to be obstructed, leading to a series of complications

recently To put it more simply, this would cause a stroke. Stroke is a clinical manifestation of cerebrovascular disease, divided into ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.
How do you prevent a stroke?
For stroke, prevention is even more important. Here are some ways you can prevent a stroke.

Reduce the amount of salt and fat in daily meals.
Reasonable diet

Weight control.

Quit smoking, beer and alcohol

Increases exercise by 30 – 60 minutes per day

.Reduces mental stress every day.