A man who spewed so much profanity in court that a judge threatened to gag him with duct tape read a book and ignored the judge Wednesday while sitting in handcuffs and leg shackles in the courtroom. sentencing hearing.

That didn’t stop Alan McCarty Jr. was sentenced to 20 years in prison for threatening Circuit Judge Stasia Warren — and another 10 days for contempt of court for his impulsive actions.

McCarty, 36, did not stay silent for long. After Circuit Judge Matt Foxman announced that McCarty had threatened a prosecutor’s unborn child during his trial, McCarty exploded.

McCarty shouted at Foxman during a hearing at the Justice Center in Daytona Beach. (Exploration) you, you (exploration, discovery).
Foxman then ordered McCarty to be removed from the courtroom. Deputies had to drag him away as he continued to yell obscenities at the judge and assistant state attorney.

He spent the rest of the hearing in a small room behind the courtroom, where he could hear the proceedings through loudspeakers and watch through one-way glasses. That’s where McCarty spends most of his testing time. He continued to scream, loud enough to be heard through the glass, at times vibrating when something hit it.

McCarty, who before his arrest lived in Milton in Santa Rosa County, was found guilty by a jury in August of two counts of intimidation or extortion and two counts of corruption by threatening an official for making threats. Warren and his dispatchers answered his call when he called 9-1-1 to talk about Warren.
McCarty threatened Warren because he said his children were taken away from him. But Foxman noted on Wednesday that Warren wasn’t even the judge making the decision in the custody case and that McCarty didn’t even have custody in the first place.

McCarty even cursed and insulted his assistant defender, Ryan Belanger. Belanger said that when McCarty’s mother was in the courtroom, she didn’t want to speak but wanted to apologize for her son’s behaviour.

That behavior included McCarty inviting Foxman during the trial to perform oral sex on him, to which the judge said “I don’t want to.” Foxman made that comment again on Wednesday when he cited reasons for disregard of the court’s verdict.

“You also offered me to have sex with you, which I politely declined and still do to this day for whatever it is worth,” Foxman said.

The additional 10-day sentence means McCarty will not be eligible to be held at a labor release or community release while in prison, corrections officials said. Once McCarty is released from prison, he will serve a 10-day county jail sentence.

State Attorney R.J. Larizza said in a statement that McCarty’s 20-year sentence would give him “plenty of time to reflect on the serious nature of his threats against the judge and our justice system.”