Recently, a video after being posted has attracted a lot of attention and shares.In the video of a motorcyclist on the road, a middle-aged man holding a newspaper rushed to stop the driver’s car.

He has no qualms about stopping a fast moving vehicle on the road. can do anything about it, it’s a public road they can do as they please.
Well he’s right, it’s not a drag strip, take your herbivore to the highway where no one has to live with your noise…

he should accept fools who treat a road like a drag strip. Super safe for road users.If you guys stopped being Dickson on your Superbike, this wouldn’t happen. Just because you can go 150 miles per hour doesn’t mean you should go anywhere.

The guy is right, it’s not a pull strip. plus an idiot is walking on the wrong side of the road. In front of a trailer park is not a good place to drag racing. There’s always a cop calling them.