Young people today are dynamic, vibrant and always at the forefront of new trends, they love to explore and challenge themselves. Young people who come to street sports are mostly people with strong personalities, want to conquer themselves, like to unleash their passions as well as express their egos. Let’s take a look at 5 street sports with Ironman that are “popular” with young people

Parkour does not require expensive equipment to prepare, you just need a pair of lightweight, durable and good adhesion sports shoes. You can practice anywhere, the ideal location is abandoned high-rise apartment buildings. Considered an art of movement, Parkour is a blend of many sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, hip hop, breakdance….

Recently, a video of a man doing parkour right on the street surprised many people, the movement was slowed down beautifully, making many people really admire this guy’s talent and wonder. how is he able to align the jump force so precisely

According to the video, this guy jumped up the fence with force, then followed the momentum to the opposite wall, then used all his strength to cling to the window, turned to the next fence and slowly landed on the ground. , the action is so gentle that it makes viewers say it’s over
The video, after being posted on social networks, has attracted millions of views, from parkour enthusiasts to those who enjoy this dangerous hobby.
Parkour players must be physically tough, flexible, creative and must love to take risks.

For many people, parkour is an extreme sport, others call it martial arts, some think parkour is a combination of the two. Looking at the relaxed and free dance steps of Parkour artists, few people know how much effort they have spent practicing to be able to fly and dance so smoothly and beautifully.

Parkour forged for people who practice perseverance and patience. Inexpensive, does not require expensive training equipment, Parkour learners just need a good teacher and a little imagination to be able to start an exciting new sport or art. Inexpensive, does not require expensive exercise equipment