The video shows a man entering the store to buy something, but as he was about to leave, a girl asked him to reach out his hand and check to see if there was

anything inside.

After that, this person stepped out and put the camera close to the face of the officer standing next to him, when this officer threw his hand away, the man in

black immediately raised his hand to slap his face of the officer, causing the two to rush into a scuffle.

This man constantly quarreled in front of the official and then said many stupid things, this man was very rude and unruly. He wants to make a fuss and can understand that he did it on purpose.

This man tried to shout loudly and then tried to get the attention of the people around, the people standing around started to notice this and more and more people followed, he continued continue to speak.

Soon after, a policeman came and took him away for harassing others in public. Viewers were extremely surprised by this, some comments expressed:

“America needs a real night of purge. Once a year, get rid of whips like this…”

“You attack it first!! What an asshole!!🤣😂🤣”

“Capturing citizens is nonsense….but the short-haired guy with rose glasses needs to be arrested for assault and assault”