In the clip, the man who went to change the oil in his car at 10am fell asleep in the car until the end of his work shift when the oil changer called him up, then he realized he was a day late for work. He overslept so deeply that from 10am to 6pm, we were in the evening shift. The case of falling asleep in the car Many drivers have the habit of resting their back in the car after traveling a long distance. In the world, there have been many cases of deaths due to oversleeping or being forgotten in cars. Many tests and studies on this condition have been carried out, all reaching the conclusion: sleeping in a closed environment, high temperature and lack of air is the main cause of death in cars (turned off). machine).

Specifically, the space on the car with the engine off is a tight, tight space without the necessary air circulation. This leads to elevated carbon monoxide levels and decreased oxygen levels. At the same time, the mechanical CO emissions from the car engine will cause the occupants to suffocate, the amount of oxygen in the blood quickly decreases, the body becomes dehydrated and can lead to death. When in a closed car, the body is prone to heat build-up. If the body temperature exceeds 40-42 degrees Celsius, it can lead to death. The risk of death from heat stroke in children is often greater because a child’s body temperature can rise 3-5 times faster than an adult’s. Sleeping in a car with the engine off can kill an adult in about an hour, but less time if it’s a child.

Tips for sleeping in the car If you have to sleep in the car, the driver as well as the passenger should remember to ensure the following: Always turn on the air conditioning feature in the car and set it to the outside air mode to ensure air circulation. However, you should only sleep for 25-30 minutes, to avoid falling too deeply into sleep leading to unconsciousness. Sleeping in the car for too long is also harmful to health. When the external air intake mode is turned on, the air conditioning system will draw air from the area around the vehicle – there is a high amount of CO2 emitted from the engine. The internal air intake mode will make the air in the car not circulate, but only cool, the oxygen source will not be guaranteed.

Choose shady places such as canopy, porch for parking. This helps to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat and does not produce harmful gases. Avoid places with high temperatures or tight spaces. In places like this, occupants can still suffer from lack of oxygen or CO poisoning from the engine itself even if the car door is open. If someone is found unconscious due to oversleeping in the car, immediately find a way to get them out to a place with fresh air. Do not self-treat, but urgently take the victim to the nearest hospital or medical center for medical assistance.