The pet in the video posted by this guy on social media had an action that made him scream because it was so painful and angry but couldn’t do anything.

Recently, the guy in the video shot a video with his lovely ebony cat, he picked up the cat and at that moment the cat bit him so hard that his face was bleeding.

He shouted and sang a song so loud and clear that the ebony cat panicked. He was very angry, but he couldn’t fight, so he shouted loudly to vent his anger, it bit

its cheek a few times, bleeding, not a scratch but many marks on its hand.

Many people believe that it is because this cat does not like to be held and this is an act of retaliation.

“He was reluctant to provoke the cat, I’m sure he was fully aware that the cat would attack.”

Cat owner: “Cat bit me when I picked it up, my fault, without his consent”

Many netizens guessed that the cat would follow her as soon as the camera was off.

“That cat will fly!”

“That cat died after he turned off the camera”

“Most likely he threw that cat to hell with stunts like that. Don’t blame the cat, it’s overstimulated.”

Many cases of fever are caused by cats scratching their faces and hands, and in some cases even leaving scars.