The man ran and jumped over the decorative domes on the roof of the 23-story building without any safety equipment.
On October 4, Erik Ljung – the director of photography for an Emmy-winning film – suddenly witnessed a fantasy scene only in action movies.

New York Post information, in the video, a man wearing a vest and leather shoes stands talking on the phone. The man then started running and jumping over the decorative arches on the roof of the 23-story building before ducking through an unlocked window to get inside.

It is known that the 23-storey building located on a street in Lower Manhattan district (New York, USA), is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the state when it is 115 years old. Notably, during the process of “flying and jumping” on the roof of a high-rise building, the man did not wear any safety protective equipment.
“I don’t know why the man acted like that. He jumped over each porch in front of our eyes,” director Erik Ljung shared on Instagram. After watching the video, many netizens couldn’t help but be curious about the man’s identity, and wondered why he was able to perform the dance move in such a dangerous place.

Some netizens thought the man was a security guard, while others thought he was a person who enjoys playing an extreme sport called parkour. Not long after the video went viral on social media, the man’s identity was revealed. It was action director Joe Smizaski.

According to director Smizaski, he jumped over the roof many times, sometimes wearing but sometimes not wearing protective equipment. The image in the video was shot by director Ljung when he was not wearing safety equipment.

The male director added, that day he was checking the waterproofing ability before meeting the supervisor to discuss the removal of the roof. If he wears protective equipment and runs like that, it will be more dangerous because he can fall down at any time.

Previously, a 96-second video recording two boys playing, jumping back and forth on the roof of a 22-storey building once caused a stir in the online community. From the video, the boy in purple can be seen walking up and down the steps before jumping from the edge of the building to the building next door.

Then, the younger boy in the orange shirt walked to the edge of the building, looking down at the gap between the two buildings the other boy had just jumped over. At this point, the boy in purple stood up, walked quickly to the edge of the building, hesitated for a few seconds, and then jumped back to the building at first. In total, this boy jumped three times through the gap between the two buildings before stopping.

Mr. Yin, who took the video, said he felt scared when he saw two children playing in the dangerous area. The video shows there is no barrier underneath the building in case one of the boys falls. After receiving the information, the owner of the building immediately went to find and brought the two boys down safely.

According to the South China Morning Post, the rooftop is not open to residents of the buildings. Staff said they found a broken roof door lock. This may be the reason the two boys made it to the roof of the building. After the incident, the building management changed the lock with a new one.