The video shows a man being stopped by police for speeding, who he thinks are clowns placed on the highway. So he said that using his white privilege to call these thugs out, he took out the paper and gave it to the police and explained to the police.

Many netizens wondered about the privilege he mentioned in the video, understanding white privilege means knowing that white people experiencing homelessness are more likely to escape that experience. . . and become stable that people of color in similar circumstances.

The perks that come with membership in a group in a position of power. When we talk about race, membership is not the same as joining a club. It is determined by innate traits that we cannot control.

It is the skin color, the curly hair and the shape of the eyes and nose. In the United States, white people have always held positions of power. Historically, power has been achieved by force or violent means.

For hundreds of years, the white people of the land we call the United States were primarily the people who defined the system of government, the language

we use to communicate with each other, the art that was valued, the standard about the beauty we aspire to achieve, traits of intelligence, behaviors considered

appropriate, personality traits that define success, and so on.

White people in positions of power have even determined who is considered white. However, some commenters suggested that this privilege was extremely unusual:

“The police do what they want”

“white privilege? racist”

“Probably drunk or on drugs. You should have called the highway patrol.”