The clip shows a man using his pickup truck to hang the national flag of his country fixed on the car to go to the storm to play football. But when he opened the trunk, the trunk was very dirty. And here’s how you can safely clean your car at home Vacuuming the car. Vacuuming the car? It’s not easy, but it’s actually going to be the easiest job and phase for everyone, anyone can do the interior cleaning of the car. This is considered the most important step because if you vacuum carefully, the cleaning for other steps will become easier. If you don’t have a dedicated vacuum cleaner, a household vacuum cleaner would be a good idea. Choose the right nozzle for each location To be able to suck up dust in every corner of the car, you must choose and replace the suction head to suit each location, especially paying attention to places with a lot of dirt such as seat slots, taplo, door slots, etc.

Vacuuming is very simple and quick, so you don’t need to wait until the car is dirty to vacuum, but you should do it every day to avoid respiratory diseases caused by dirt. Car trunk The location of the trunk is the place where most of the household items, food and items are stored, so it will be very dirty, if not cleaned regularly, it will be a breeding ground for molds and cause unpleasant odors for the car. whole car. As for the position of the trunk, you need to clean up unnecessary things and then vacuum carefully and it will be fine. Cleaning the trunk is very important Floorboards This is the place that usually collects the most dirt on the car, but it is the easiest place to clean. After vacuuming clean, you just need to spray the car interior cleaner with water and then use a cleaning cloth, in case the car floor is made of felt, we will use a brush to scrub it. If your case is too tight, you should go to the interior cleaning shop to clean it up, then you should regularly clean the car more often.

Deodorize the inside of the car and maintain the surface The final job for the car cleaning day will be deodorizing the anise and curing the surface. When driving with a car with a bad smell, it is uncomfortable for both the driver and the passenger sitting next to the tank. If not handled in time, that smell will stick deeper into the interior of the car, when you turn on the air conditioner and close the car windows, it is a disaster. After vacuuming and cleaning all the interior of the car, you use a spray chemical to spray directly inside the car and then close the door tightly for about 5 minutes. Finally, you use specialized chemicals to apply on the surface of the interior details to protect and bring the interior space like new. You can also spray some mildly scented chemicals to deodorize the car. When going through long distances, you should lower the viewing door about 5cm to reduce the smell in the car. In addition, you can also take advantage of scented bags containing coffee, green tea, cinnamon … hanging on the car door, not only deodorizing the car but also can help you relax when too stressed.

To keep the interior of the car always clean, car users should clean it at least twice a year if the car is rarely used. Meanwhile, if you often travel by car, you should clean the interior every 3-4 months. In case you are too busy and do not have time to clean the car interior yourself, you can ask for a car interior cleaning service. The price of interior care services at the centers also depends on the type of vehicle and details. Specifically, if you want to clean and take care of the entire interior, you need to spend an amount of 1.5 – 3.5 million (from popular to high-end cars). The cost of cleaning each detail ranges from 350,000 to 1,200,000 VND.
How long has it been since you have cleaned your car, the article has shown you how to clean the interior of a car, let’s start cleaning your car right away!