The video recorded a man holding a trigger and approaching a hole in the floor; he was trying to pick up something from below, and then he grabbed a giant rattlesnake. He didn’t seem too scared and acted like a regular thing. He stepped back and said to wait and see.

What’s inside the other box? He walked towards the chest, holding the snake in his hand, gently opened the lid, and put it in it. He turned close to the side.
There are many snakes in the box. He wants to convey the content: “When you buy a house in West Texas on top of a rattlesnake den.”

The video quickly received the attention of many netizens, who expressed fear when this land had so many snakes, and they advised him to be careful.
Be careful because snake is a hazardous animals. It can attack and harm him as well as his family.

Most rattlesnakes are very venomous. Their venom can quickly paralyze the nervous system of prey such as mice, birds, and some other small animals, causing the victim’s heart to stop beating just a few minutes after being bitten. According to statistics in the US, each year, there are about 7,000 to 8000 accidents A rattlesnake with about ten deaths bit the victim.