The video captures images in the supermarket; a guy takes his pet dog to buy things and then stops at the checkout counter; he takes his dog with a rope to ensure everyone’s safety and be able to control it. While pulling out his wallet, he dropped the key on the dog’s face, but it didn’t have it.

No reaction and lay down on the floor waiting obediently for him; then he pulled out his card to pay, walked over to the card machine, and let go of the rope holding the dog, but it stayed still. Still, the salesman’s reaction looked worried and told him it was unsafe, but he didn’t seem to care and said The dog would not harm anyone.

The video caused a lot of controversies; people thought that the dog was so obedient and well taught by the owner, that’s why he understood what a dog is, so he was not so scared. Still, someone defended the salesman’s opinion because we can’t control it. Controlling a dog without a leash, and because of the large size of the dog, he was so worried. In general, safety is still number one, so be careful.

Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by humans and have been bred for millennia with a wide range of behaviors, senses, and characteristics. Physical properties. This animal is used to keep the house or as a hobby. Their teeth are used to kill prey, chew and gnaw meat, and sometimes bite each other. Dogs are species of Animals are widely raised worldwide, can look after the house, herd sheep, guide the way, pull the cart, and are also rich in protein. Dogs help people with housekeepers and hunting and are considered the most loyal and affectionate animals to humans. Today, the demand for pet dogs is growing, so the
Small dogs like Fox and Chihuahua or intelligent dogs like Collie are interested in many players