Clip of a guy wearing a yellow jacket with a mentally exhausted from smoking.That caused a stir in the audience. He looks like he failed something.That led him to cigarettes, which is a bad habit. Everything has a solution Many men today are all smokers.

Smoking is not only harmful Not only for the health of the smoker, but also the people around you have to bear the dust poison from that cigarette. Many pregnant women and children get lung cancer because of exposure to smoke drugs from father or other men. Many cases do not survive leading to death. Main So, men and husbands, when picking up a cigarette, think of your children and other peoplewomen around.

Not only thinking about women and children, but also the smoker himself suffered a lot of damage to his health. I hope that one day all of you
Men in this world can throw away, refuse those obnoxious cigarettes to become a Vietnam, an environment unpolluted by smog.