On the morning of October 29, a man carrying gasoline out in the middle of the street spilled it on him, then turned on the lighter and set himself on fire in the middle of the street, causing people to watch.

According to the video, in the middle of a crowded street, a man came out in the middle of the street carrying a tank of gas, standing right in the middle of the street pouring on him, making it difficult for passers-by to understand what he was doing.
Those in the back seat were also intimidated by him, while the man remained calm, acting decisively,
The next second he hooked up a matchbox out of his pocket and put it on the pole, at which point a man in the back who had witnessed from the beginning to the end could not sit still.

Run to get the swipe box from his hand, and tie his hands so he can’t do anything foolish.
It is known that when interdicted, this man stopped the act of hurting himself, and calmed down again.
Many people wonder why he might think such a foolish thing to know, after pouring a large amount of money into your investment, but eventually his co-capital partner hugged the runaway money.

Making him owe his husband, not only that when he heard that he was unemployed, but he also owed his husband, his lover was also too depressed because he never did anything.
So his lover finally left, causing him to break down so much that he used this painful path to end his life.
After receiving the information, the firefighting police were quickly present at the place of the incident to take the man to the emergency room, and at the same time investigate and clarify the cause of the incident.