Two policemen stopped a person’s car on the road to violate the law but he did not admit his fault but instead tried to run away, two policemen came to arrest

but one policeman came to arrest and as a result, both sides fought. compete with each other.

In the end, the policeman gave the last move that was to use a stun gun and shoot him, of course with just one shot he fell on the street because of this stun gun.

This gun will be used in the case of arresting stubborn, disobedient criminals. The stun gun is a fairly common non-lethal weapon used by police and security guards.

Tasers like the Taser can help you defend yourself in dangerous situations or attack armed enemies. Possessing unexpected power, but not everyone understands the working mechanism of the stun gun.

So how did the stun gun affect the human body and brain, making us numb and unable to move. When the two darts come into contact with the human body, they will form a closed circuit for the current to flow, causing temporary pain and affecting the central nervous system, making the body no longer able to resist.

This is also the reason why the guy lost consciousness and lay down as soon as he was shot with a stun gun. Video commented on by viewers:

“They can’t control a restrained person…needs more training for the police”

“Idaho State Police.. lucky guy because it’s on duty”