Recently, a social network posted a picture of a man running on the road to a bend, but he braked and turned because he was running too fast. Hit a garbage truck lying on the street, causing him to fall, and the car continued to run freely. Many people expressed anger at that action, man.

Luckily, it’s a child’s car, or the consequences will be dangerous. It’s difficult if there are many cars on the road; what will be the consequences?
Accidents happen, something no one wants. They think this man is an adult but acts like a child, even losing to a child. It won’t be fun, and driving on the road at such a speed is safe. Not only harming oneself but also affecting others. Traffic accidents happen regularly, daily, and every hour in every country and world. Because traffic is developing firmly and above all, it is because of each person’s consciousness.

When participating in traffic. They do not strictly obey traffic laws: speeding, reckless passing, red lights, using traffic when underage, and participating in traffic activities. Traffic when using beer .. causing traffic accidents to increase and leaves severe consequences.

Some people shared:
“Did not see that coming, and neither did they.”
“I don’t remember this character in Mario kart.”
“That’s great. Can the cameraman do it too?”