The video re-shares the image in the middle of the street, a man riding a motorbike and a car is having something that seems to be misunderstanding each other, the guy riding a motorbike has tried to reach out and turn off killswich of the car, then he goes to the back and opens the trunk of the car. For some reason, both of them have such actions right on the street, this may affect the traffic at that time.

What is a kill switch?

A kill switch in an IT context is a mechanism used to shut down or disable a device or program.

The purpose of a kill switch is usually to prevent theft of a machine or data or shut down machinery in an emergency. The degree to which a kill switch limits, alters or stops an action or activity depends on the production, process or program it is intended to protect.

How do kill switches work?

Kill switch is a broad term when it comes to the types of technology, software and tools used to create and facilitate it. In manufacturing, for example, a factory might use a kill switch — also called a big red button — to shut down machinery if a worker is in danger. Kill switch software, on the other hand, can sometimes include software-encoded kill switches such as anti-piracy mechanisms.

A kill switch’s form, use and function can vary significantly, depending on the industry and business. For instance, when a business detects a data breach, it may encourage the network administrator to execute security protocols other than a kill switch based on the severity of the breach.

The big red button is a mechanical version of the same mechanism.

How are kill switches used?
Due to the broadness of the term, kill switches have a wide range of applications and uses that vary greatly based on their medium and objective. Below are a few of the more common uses and applications of a kill switch for cybersecurity purposes and in other applications and industries