The video shared the image of a man driving on the road when suddenly there was a small collision with another car. Looks like he was very angry and drove forward then stopped to stop the kai car, he got out of the car with an aggressive face and went to the car behind. He went and punched the car behind him hard then left.
After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of interest and comments from people, there were many comments made after they watched the video.

Some people’s comments:

“That’s maybe bc there’s signs for miles saying that lane is closed. Then people fly up to cut in. Hence why semis create a choke point to force people over so that traffic will actually move”
“Here in FL you get out the car after cutting someone off like he did you’ll be lucky to walk back. I’ve seen people get.out and the other driver rams the door and hauls.”

“I see construction barrels. This happens all the time. There is usually a sign way back to get over and the lane is closed. People don’t follow instructions and ride the lane until they can’t anymore and expect people who have been waiting forever , to let them in. Things aren’t always what they appear.’
“Just be courteous. Let him in. What would it cost you? 10-15 seconds. If the silver vehicle was ahead just let him go. Stop being a tough guy.”

“Silver car driver looked to maybe telling truck driver to get back to his truck… he keeps pointing toward the truck as he yells”
“If it’s a zipper truck is in wrong if it said left lane closed 2 miles ahead camera man is wrong”
“Guy filming is in the wrong.. He is supposed to yield….”
“Guy in the truck doesn’t know how to zipper merge.”