The video below captures a man with a mask on his face, holding a stick and putting on a shirt, then hiding behind a wall and taking the shirt out. The short video made many people wonder what the man was trying to do. Someone noticed that he seemed to be trying to scare someone and was very pleased with his actions. Many people think this is a bullshit video; the sentence is like. To make viewers wonder, they are curious to hollow and watch many times to understand the problem, but it has no content.

Today social networks are growing, and we can generate income from them so many users use all sorts of tricks to catch likes to attract viewers; they also make negative videos to attract other people’s attention because Their purpose is that the video is exciting and noticed by many people; the more people watch it, the more they receive a significant income.

So from where is this lousy phenomenon? First of all, it is due to the distorted thinking of young people. Youth is a shallow age, likes to break, stands out, and especially likes to be famous. Besides, many subjects want to use that action to make their Facebook famous for illegal trading, fraud, or other illegal activities. To do that, they are ready for a few likes and shares on Facebook at the expense of their honor and dignity, and sometimes they are prepared to commit illegal actions.