The video below uploads an image of a man holding a bunch of keys and trying to open the lid of a hole to put the key in. Many people were surprised before that action and didn’t know what he was doing. Still, most people were angered by his repulsion. he uses one hand to spin and the other to do it.

He turned on hid, but the lid was closed when he was about to put the key in. It needed something to hold it back because it couldn’t stand still. It was such an easy thing, but the boy did it. He was manipulated many times to make the viewer uncomfortable. They think he’s trying to get likes, and instead of filming, he can use his other hand to unlock it. Or you can ask someone to shoot you.

His deliberate action worked, despite receiving many critical comments, such as the video he was trending and many people interested.Many people shared after watching the video:
“Idiot, have you heard of three legs or even a second one?”
“Put the damn camera down; you damn Witt.”
“Damn, boy!”
“Uncle is so clumsy!”
“What is this? Does he only have one hand?”