Recently, an account posted a video recording a man expressing his views on a legal issue and this also caused netizens to express many opinions. He mentioned one thing that seemed very serious and also attracted viewers, another wanted to be a filming clown harassing real workers and wasting time and tax.

What can you expect from a premium rebate recipient other than hindering workers and wasting extra tax dollars. really pathetic. This guy is a nuisance, the detective should ask him three or four times for identification.

And when he refused to answer why he was on the property there shouldn’t have been other words to escort him out of the compound in any way, he may have taken the video.

This makes the argument. go to the staff while you’re standing there and they ask you for identification or they ask you why you’re there and then you come back and ask them questions about your ass right then and there they don’t ask a second or third time.

Ask the police a question that confuses them. Ask some completely stupid questions. Unfortunately, the police are mentally challenged and easily confused. Knowing our laws and Constitution means nothing to them.

Those who are tortured and blackmailed are very important to the police. This is quite simple, the police always lose power. They demand things they shouldn’t ask for and bully by intruding on other people’s lives.

Almost everyone who watches this video lives by the rules of a rival system, meaning the police are NOT your friends, they are there to gather evidence and use it to the fullest extent enough law to prosecute you.

These videos are to show the police doing this. That Detective (and all the other Auditors) could “oh, he did nothing wrong” and move on, but they didn’t.

The only reason these videos have no views is because the police got involved time and time again. Fortunately, the people with this camera did not have the police

start beating them up. The law prevents police from committing acts of violence. But then you also have cops who are assholes that need to be exposed.