The video received a lot of comments from netizens as a man walked up to the police squad standing nearby and after he wanted to suggest something, the officers appeared uninterested and annoyed saw this man coming to ask questions.

Soon, several policemen stepped up and stopped him and pushed him backwards in front of many people. Furthermore, when a policeman tried to help the man, a policeman standing next to him stopped him and wouldn’t let him help.

The action of the policeman has caused fierce controversy on the online community, with viewers indignant at the policeman’s actions. He’s an activist and he’s working to find an unbalanced confrontation that tried and broke his head.

Heavy Attack – uses his night stick as a weapon. Criminal and completely unnecessary, not incited and not called action against a non-aggressive and defenseless elderly citizen.

Despicable abuse. Many people think that the police will not punish them because someone else is protecting them and this only makes people make more mistakes.

“Bet no cop gets punished”

“Oh, taking down that old man is really strong.. watch out for that guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“He was an activist and he was acting in search of a confrontation, he lost his balance and tried to hit his head….so bad”