Yellow bees are small but are considered ferocious and poisonous bees among bees. Unlike other bees, yellow wasps have yellow, black vertical stripes around their bodies.

It is easy to misunderstand honey bees. The golden wasp, or Vespula, is a close relative of the wasp with long black and yellow wings. Unlike honey bees that nest and produce honey, yellow bees do not make honey, golden honeycombs can be found in remote areas or underground, long abandoned ant nests.

He used the vacuum cleaner and left it near its nest, he did not forget to wear protective gear to protect it. He sucked these bees into the machine because it stung him so many times.

According to medical experts, in the unfortunate event of being stung by a yellow bee, the patient will have a high chance of being poisoned leading to a high fever.

This depends a lot on factors such as the number of bee stings, the location of the sting. It will be very dangerous if a large number of yellow bees sting on sensitive parts of the body such as the head, neck, nape, eyes… the more serious it is.

Many netizens have expressed their opinions about this video, some people think that they have another way to kill this bee, such as using gasoline or fire:

“Around my house, I use gasoline late at night or after dark. Fill it up for a few seconds then light it on fire. This is my revenge for getting burned so many times.”

“God, when I was little, I was always abandoned.”

“And this is why wasps, wasps and yellow bees are not okay, the bees that love them can stay but they can get stung.”