The video below captures a soldier trying to fit cannons into the mouth of the explosive tube; the video quickly ends. Making netizens unable to understand what’s going on, and they think this is just a video with no content and no content. They asked the video owner to refrain from taking advantage of it.

The army leaves alike because it’s not right. The military shows an apparent majesty that is definitely there and shouldn’t be played around. And today, we are living in a time of peace, so people do not expect these images to happen, such as destruction by firecrackers.

The birth and history of the military are due to the history of all conflicts, not just direct military conflicts. The history of the army is a little different from the history of wars. The history of the Army team deals with people. In contrast, the history of wars focuses mainly on the development of the battles and the change in technology, government, and geography.

Military history has many purposes. Its primary goal is to learn from past successes and mistakes to wage wars to compete more effectively in the future.