In the clip, a male friend was beaten by the officers, specifically in the video, he used his foot to kick the male friend. no one got there, he was subdued and handcuffed, it was assault, he was charged. Why not show the full video of a man handcuffed, lying on the ground, kicked in the face??? We’ll give you all the time you need, to rethink that. None of you can tell me how many times you’ve been to jail why don’t you check my background, I’ve been to several times, I’ve been handcuffed a few times, I’ve been arrested.

I’ve never had a policeman put his hand on me because when they tell me to do something, I’ll do it just because he’s handcuffed doesn’t mean just because he doesn’t kick you doesn’t mean he can’t bite you and get a piece of meat off you doesn’t mean he can spit in your eyes or spit in your mouth so all the guys your men tell me how many of you would let someone get away with kicking someone who bit you or spit in your face if you let someone get away with that if you were a cop or not then you’re a noob or a snowflake like many times I’ve been arrested I don’t have a bad thing to say about any of the cops I’m not saying they’re all good but they’re certainly not bad if you Treat them with respect as you should.

these people cannot think that they can handle the law regardless of whether they commit a crime or not. Like I said, I will clean up the evidence and support my family in law enforcement and pray for those involved. but the laws will rule forever so they better regulate. I’ll say one thing and that’s it, first “Blue lives Matter” is not a movement, it’s a job choice and as a public servant your job is to protect and serve. It’s written right on the car you’re driving. Yes the police can be good but when they don’t stop people from doing crap like this then yes, they are just as bad as their partners. I have been arrested many times and for the most part, they are civilian, but to summarize a mother with a baby in her car during a regular traffic stop. Bullying her in front of the kids said, called for support, got us out of the car and put the K9 in for no reason. Then must!! The whole police are bad!!!

I’ll be civil with you when you pull me over, but show a little respect because to get respect you have to give first. I will say for the last time, your job is to protect and serve, if you can’t do it, you’re in the wrong job. Has anyone ever stopped to consider why our police departments have become systematically militarized? How is it that the police are rarely called to deal with their behavior? Or how hooliganism among the police is on the rise, especially directed at minorities and protesters? They are being turned into a private army for the authorities. They don’t want public servants protecting our community. They want ruthless and brutal enforcers.