In the clip above, there are 4 people, two policemen, a male friend and a girl. The incident happened that the male friend broke his leg and supported the cane to take the dog to practice walking for his leg to heal quickly but unfortunately lost a large dog, seeing that the female friend showed signs of suspicion, so the male friend blamed the female friend.

The female friend tried to explain, but the hot-tempered and impulsive male had the act of hitting the female on the head with a stick and bleeding a lot. Immediately after that, a policeman came to solve the case. But the attitude of these two men seemed to favor the male friend and did not give the female friend an explanation, but vehemently chased the female friend away.

The female friend burst into tears and carried her head with a bloody wound. Then the male friend turned to him and told him to return to the clip. The policeman’s behavior annoyed me for many reasons. First, the two men came to see the injured female friend and had to send her to the emergency room to promptly sew up the wound. Secondly, it is necessary to make a record to take the testimony of the male friend why he beat the female friend and take information from the two of you to call the two of you to the station to work.

Third, you must let both of you give your own testimony and explanations. Your behavior is completely wrong in my opinion. Must be determined, must have evidence in hand, then go to the police, they should go to work, should not have the act of beating and threatening a woman. And asked the Chief of Public Security to work with the two policemen again because they worked without rules..