In the clip, it is about the cat going to the vet. The cat was taken by the owner in the bag to be examined, but the aggressive cat did not let the doctor examine him, forcing him to take action.

Hold her neck and hold her hind legs until she will lie still before examining her. This cat should have been lightly sedated prior to the appointment to make it easier for the veterinarian to examine the cat. But in the end they also settle back safely they will deal. Its owner is a girl who is also worried and scared, afraid that the cat will not let the doctor see the doctor and fear that it will scratch the doctor, especially more afraid of being hurt. cat .

I also once had a cat that broke its leg and needed to be taken to the vet to have it fixed. Before coming, I gave him a sedative, so when I went to the doctor, I
It is also easy to work with it. Moreover, I also feel secure when it lies still, But if it is aggressive, I am afraid its injury will be worse. Raising Dogs and Cats is an animal like a friend, a person.

Its children also wish to have a good owner. Let’s love the swimming animal it is an animal that can save our lives. So we need to respect and love it like
Your child or your best friend.