The video re-shared the image that was on the street, a woman dressed as a Joker character running on a motorcycle was very attracted to people’s gaze, many were very surprised by her actions and words, she spoke loudly and with a very barbaric tone of smile that intrigued everyone.

What if you don’t know who the Joker is? then this will be the answer. Joker is a supervillain that appears in American comics published by DC Comics. This is also
batman’s arch-enemy. Joker figures are inspired by western cards and other figures.
His identity is mysterious and his real name has never been revealed. Just knowing that this is a criminal with a monstrous character. Joker’s disruptive plans are elusive, incredibly meticulous. meticulous and highly accurate. The relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn is extremely complicated. They often act together and form the most infamous couple in comics to movies.

Although he does not possess special abilities, he possesses special skills such as:
Acting agile
That’s amazing technique!
Combat Skills
Proficient in the use of weapons
Manufacturing poisons, explosives, homemade weapons,…
Jokers are in notorious criminal organizations such as “Injustice Gang” and “Injustice League”. This is also the oldest and most beloved character of all time. Jokers appear on many products such as cups, shirts. Decorative items,… In the statistics of the major newspapers, Joker has always been among the greatest supercriminals of all time.

The Joker’s particular tone and laughter always got a lot of people mad about chicken skin when he showed up. It’s like making fun of the lies of the wicked outside society. It’s as shabby as he looks.
He’s not a regular psychopath like everyone else. The Joker redefines itself to adapt to the turbulent flow of modern day life. The deaths the Joker caused
it turned out to be extremely barbaric and inhumane, like sneaking into an old couple’s house. Chop them crazy into pieces of flesh and sleep comfortably in between the bodies. He even had a razor full of them. at the fingertips to turn his hand into a dangerous weapon.

Death to the Joker is also a deliverance that will come one day. So as long as he’s alive he can’t think of a worse way to die.