A thick, heavy iron bar fell from a truck on the road, inserted by the wheels of another truck, causing it to fly straight toward the rear of the car, breaking the windshield.

The incident occurred on September 21, on a highway in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

The video of the incident shows an iron bar lying on the road with the wheels of a truck inserted causing it to fly straight back, penetrate the windshield and fall into the cabin of a black car. This object then flew to the rear and hit the windshield of the car in the same lane.

The accident caused a person in the secondary driver’s seat of the car to die due to the hit of an iron bar to the head. The front glass of the vehicle also broke during the impact. As soon as it happened, the car driver stopped the car, opened the door, walked down to check the car and called the police.

According to a local police investigation, the object that caused the collision was an iron bar that fell from the tail of a truck. The driver and the truck have now been detained by the authorities for further investigation into the incident.

In addition, the police also recommend vehicles transporting passengers on the road to fix dangerous objects such as metal bars, wood… to avoid endangering other road users.

The iron fell into the windshield, right where the driver was. Fortunately, the driver was only slightly injured.

After watching the video, some netizens also commented: