Can incarcerating inmates just on weekends aid their rehabilitation? opinion of experts on Tory jail measures

If David Cameron’s proposed package of prison reforms is implemented, Britain’s prisons may soon be overcrowded solely on weekends.
According to the prime minister, prisons’ “scandalous inability” to rehabilitate inmates results in more criminality after they are freed.
Therefore, as part of the PM’s reform plan, some of the 85,634 inmates now incarcerated in England and Wales’ 123 prisons and juvenile offender facilities might be released during the week to work while wearing GPS tags devices.

To encourage them to teach kids to read and write, governors and employees would be given additional freedoms and even financial rewards.
Additionally, criminals may no longer be required to disclose prior offenses when searching for jobs in an effort to assist ex-offenders in finding employment.
The PM stated that in addition to the reforms, there would be a new crackdown on foreign terrorists and criminals who are detained abroad.
The weekend inmates proposal, though, has generated the greatest controversy.
According to security camera footage acquired by NBC on Thursday, a prisoner in Benton County, Washington, managed to elude his armed guard, sneak back into the courtroom where he was found guilty, and then run, shoeless, out the courthouse’s front entrance.

Security film shows Gerald Hyde II entering the courtroom again while in handcuffs, a prison shirt, and bright orange jail shoes, one minute after being escorted from the courtroom in the Benton County Justice Center.
He hurriedly takes off his shirt, covering his cuffs with it as he sneaks out the main door. He first strolls casually into the courthouse before taking off the shoes and sprinting past many witnesses via the front entrance.

But his boldness went unrewarded; less than two hours after his race for freedom, he was back in jail after police located him three miles away at the Pepper Tree Village Apartments. And as a result of his brief escape from justice, security at the courthouse has changed.