The video below captures the image of a house owner recounting that his home has been evicted for three months, and finally, today has come; they were able to
get your home back. It seems that the police confiscated the house to investigate a particular case; the house does not seem to be intact as before, the windows
was demolished.

They destroyed all the furniture in the home, and the homeowner had to pretend to happily agree that he also intends to demo the house and thinks that the The policeman should save his energy for other things. But the owner is also pleased that the house is back. The video quickly went viral.

Widespread and interested by netizens, they raised many questions, why the house was foreclosed, whether this was a personal case, and many twists and turns.
It takes so much time. Besides, many people are angry at the act of destroying the property of the scene brothers, and they should not destroy things like that and love claim to pay the owner appropriate compensation.

Some netizens shared:
“Don’t worry; you’ll get his money to fix it. Thanks, people. You don’t have to do his work, and now you have to pay for it.”
“Waiting for everyone to hop on here and blame the landlord for the condition the property was left in….”
“Wow, ungrateful people. Sorry bud”