The chef holds a hundred sticks of skewers in his hand, moves continuously, grills and jumps, creating excitement for the guests.
Beef skewers are one of the most popular snack dishes in China.Meat skewers in the night markets are always crowded with customers waiting in line and everyone usually buys quite a bit a lot, especially duck guts – food that makes people want to buy a few dozen trees at a time. Therefore, in order to meet the terrible demand, the seller is forced to quickly and quickly manipulate the skin.

Gradually, the common characteristics of the skewers in the night market are the two-handed chefs holding two large bundles of meat, becoming constantly on the charcoal stove, some people also combine to dance to attract attention of road users.
Most of the skewers in China usually slice thin meat, sticking to the skewers so only a few

trees can’t have enough teeth. Therefore, guests like to buy a lot of desserts.
All kinds of pork, beef, goat, chicken and duck guts are pre-impregnated. When the guests have guests, the new chef puts on the bright charcoal stove, sprinkles with pepper powder, pepper, spices… and then inverts quickly.

Thanks to that, even though the fire is still not big when the meat burned, the guests enjoyed the hot skewers again.