The online community has just witnessed a video recording a man hiding in a black stocking holding a pistol despite knowing that he is threatening someone

and this has made netizens extremely curious.

A gun was tucked into a black sock, then he pulled the tip of the gun out and pulled the trigger, a flash of light and a noise echoing in the darkness.

After that, he repeatedly said “pang pong”, causing netizens to have two opposing opinions. Some netizens think this is true, he used a gun and fired a big shot into the sky.

However, some viewers did not believe this was true, questioning if the bullet was fired, why the sock didn’t have a hole. Viewers concluded that he was holding a toy gun in his hand, with some candid comments saying:

“Toy gun for toy soldiers”

“It’s an airgun .22 lol ….. no ammo in it 👍 I got one a year ago 😂”

“It’s fake. It’s dangerous lol”

The video is still controversial about his actions, many people think that he is joking, but there are also people who think he did it for real.