The video was shared by a guy when he heard that the police had come to his house and this made him extremely scared and panicked, he quickly ran into the

warehouse and stored the car.

Down the front, quickly ran to the switch and flipped the switch to close the door quickly, he heard that was very scared and worried. For others, they will not feel

anxiety or fear when they see the police, but for him, he feels extremely scared and worried when he sees the police even though he has not committed any crime sin.

Netizens also felt extremely surprised by his actions, they felt his fear when he went to the police, he hid in the warehouse and locked the door so no one could see him. to watch. can see that.

His hasty and hasty actions made many netizens laugh, possibly because he was mentally unstable and scared when he saw the police. A few comments:

“Oh, this guy looks exactly like me”

“Why is he so flustered. Funny”

“It’s funny to see him”