The guy in the video is an American soldier engaged in hunting the enemy, knowing that these soldiers will complete the mission together and then focus on fighting to avoid unwanted trouble.

Most likely, American soldiers who volunteered to join the U.S. Armed Forces, many of them of African and Asian descent, received extensive training, including training in survival equipment and well equipped.

They are usually highly educated, in good health and disciplined. In the unequal battle, showing superior fighting power. However, in even matches or arduous combat environments, they still have a very good fighting spirit.

The Battle of Guadalcanal, Khe Sanh is the most obvious example; During the Battle of Guadalcanal, when naval reinforcements were intercepted offshore by the Japanese Navy, soldiers of the 1st Marine Division retreated into the jungle to fight as guerrillas in an attempt to hold back the Japanese steel reinforcement.

In particular, American soldiers’ casualties are often exacerbated by the US media, for example in the Battle of Mogadishu, the losses of 19 commandos and pilots were heavily criticized by the media, leading to President Bill Clinton’s forced to withdraw all American forces from Somalia.

American soldiers are also called “King Soldiers”[citation needed] because they are fully equipped: advanced weapons, bulletproof armor, night vision equipment, gas masks.

Before entering the battle, there are bombers and artillery to clear the way, good food, good accommodation, entertainment in many forms, high salary. When American soldiers died in battle, their relatives were subsidized by the government.

The body of the American soldier was not found during the war, but after the war, the US government continued to search until the end (Vietnam is an example), this embodies the spirit of “No one is left behind.” behind” behind.” Behind.”

The guy in the video fell asleep due to staying up at night and this also caused him to lose sleep, a teammate reminded him and when he woke up he resumed his

mission. He will be punished, but there are also people who think that because he was so sleepy, he fell asleep for a while:

“This is really a great effort!”

“Stop! Ahh good day! Good time.”

“He needs to strengthen his fighting position. Something, bushes, rocks, pits, maybe even a pillow lol”