Accidentally or intentionally driving at high speed through puddles is unacceptable behavior.

It suddenly rained, causing puddles on many roads, but sometimes the driver did not slow down, causing dirty water to splash on traffic participants.

The video was shared by a man with the caption: “when you see the Traffic cop that just gave you a ticker…”, when he saw the policeman walking by the side of the road and near a puddle, This guy didn’t hesitate to speed up the gas and run into it, making the water splash all over the policeman’s body. It seems to him this is a freak joke, a revenge show but maybe the police will have a hard time wearing wet suits to work.

Although I know that life sometimes has to be rushed and urgent, it is not so insensitive. Driving through puddles when there are people in traffic, don’t slow down, want to go fast without paying attention, sometimes it’s just a habit. But this habit, if not corrected in time, can also lead to harm that easily inhibits and upsets those around. Not to mention in a seemingly simple situation, an accidental or intentional action of someone, the victim was splashed with dirty water and took a long time to fix.

Every behavior in traffic, no matter how small, will also be a stepping stone for future actions, good or bad, or bad. The flooded place not only creates sympathy for the community but also traffic safety and contributes to building a civilized urban lifestyle. Once you’ve done something bad, behave appropriately to acknowledge your fault and sincerely apologize.