In recent days, the video has been controversial on social networks because of this guy’s action, this girl hung her shirt on the door of this guy’s car.

This person saw this and ran to use scissors to cut off the part of the shirt that was stuck to the car door. She felt that his actions helped her, when she was

feeling happy because of his help, he immediately opened the car door, causing her to freeze to death.

Not understanding why he used scissors to cut her shirt without opening the car door, the girl could only helplessly watch him open the car door and enter.

The online community also argued about this guy’s actions, some people said that he was paying for the act of crashing into other people’s cars, curious about

his car, so his shirt got stuck in the car door. .

But there are also some other opinions that he is too evil and has acted inappropriately, even though she approached the car but did not cause any injury, he

even tore her shirt. Some comments expressed:

” It’s disgusting”

“People go around with a pair of scissors in their pocket”

Viewers are still arguing a lot about this action, they think this action of the guy is too much for her. Many netizens expressed their attitudes after watching the video above.