The film contains a magical world that helps us forget the troubles or pressures of life. But to create a perfect world, the producer had to resort to some tricks

that not everyone knows.

To achieve the best quality for cinematic works, filmmakers always pay attention to the smallest details in the film. Behind the resounding success of a work, perhaps you will be surprised with the interesting behind-the-scenes secrets of those movies.

Especially in action movies, have you ever wondered where the blood in the movie comes from, or whether the guns used are real or not… In the video, you can see, the actors are all stand around to participate in his role.

There was a cameraman filming a guy with a gun shooting forward, there was a flash of light that startled everyone there. The question that makes many people wonder is the sound is real, is the footage real?

The guns used in the studio are all real guns and are invited by experts to ensure absolute safety for the actors. However, bullets are not used, instead gunfire is simulated by the sound of cannons outside.

Viewers were extremely surprised with this shooting action, the sound was so realistic that the people around were also amazed. Some viewers expressed:

“Patrick James Saucedo Fake lmao boys never hold real guns”

“It was a video shoot and I probably imagined the void”

“No cameraman was harmed in making this video…. thank god”