The group of young people hanging out at the supermarket kept playing games so they forgot both the return time and the stuck ending
The clip shows a group of 6 friends, 1 male and 5 female friends, shopping at the supermarket. forever love taking pictures, eating, shopping, playing games
at the supermarket.

Due to the desire to have fun, always love to play, so I almost got stuck in the supermarket.
After playing for a while, you discovered that it was time for the supermarket to close. Standing on the 2nd floor, looking down, you see the supermarket door is about to is decreasing gradually. You compete with each other to carry a shopping bag at the supermarket. Then run as fast as you can. But in the end Finally, quickly exited the door without anyone being left inside.

Young people, wherever you go, you have to check the time. Don’t be so greedy that you forget where you are.