Recently, a video after being posted attracted many views on how to defend himself that he put her in a situation to be able to detect.When a black policeman saw the video, there was a lot of expression on his face. In the first clip, a child in the opposite gray suit was a man holding a gun and pointing his head towards the child in a threatening and aggressive manner.

The policeman shook his head repeatedly as if he seemed satisfied with the action.The second clip was an innocent boy who argued with his father and hit him decisively with his hands on his head, holding a very cool and personal water gun in his hand.
She’s learning how to defend herself in a safe environment. Some of you are crazy because I’m her teacher, but it would be great to have a martial arts instructor do the same. You can absolutely say that the line is there, and this is a father doing what his father does to his girl.
Then the child used that water gun in his hand to shoot at him and immediately ran away. The policeman opened his eyes when he saw the action,then he opened his mouth and raised the gong.

No, it’s okay if it’s overlooked, but if they’re behaving like that at Irl, it’s messy. I understand if a father wants his child to grow up strong but that’s out of bounds. He added the ego to the child and the child would probably bully her friends at that rate.
The lack of boundaries today is what people behave like animals, which is messy. Who has such a lack of respect for their parents? Parents must teach children to be respectful and kind to good people and strong and dead to bad people. A child must have the qualities of a good man and the mentality and strength of a lion. He only feeds a hole if that’s how they behave Irl.

Some people condemned her when they saw her actions:
“I’ll break it if it’s a real weapon, he’ll die, he’s slower than the girl because she has a good reflex, she did the right thing, I know he’s trying to show her how easy it is for someone to be disarmed, but the lady has a good pace.”\
“I’m sure you’re just having fun with your daughter but trust me you’re teaching her not to be bullied or abused by anyone in her life, it’s great work, Dad.”
“Can’t get angry with your kids because of the behavioral exhibit they’re witnessing their parents do. He started at home with his parents.”