The clip shows a woman standing in front of her store cursing the people who vandalized her store. What most people don’t know is that other people who get buses from other states are often there to cause a peaceful protest. I have actually witnessed this happen in my town. The other sad part is that once the crisis actors start destroying the business, some of the local unscrupulous participants join the looting. If this is for BLM, it’s a bad organization in my opinion (no need to ask me).

The two women set up an organization to take advantage of people and victims for personal financial use and were bribed by Soros. Good slogan, but bad movement organization and execution. They do not care. If they did, they wouldn’t tear our community apart like it would help anything. They don’t care if they ruin your life or not as long as they get angry. hey if you ever see it out of 10 black idiots won’t destroy the community you have white people come to massa break it and then black people take the plane take a look at some videos. it’s lucky for them to break her business but 9 out of 10 when a black person breaks something or burns it a white person or a Jew owns it, it’s not a person black people and our community that’s why they destroyed it.

This is the next generation of you… the end of the people who raise them, this is why I’m 41 years old without one, I can’t even figure out what mine did some shitty stuff like this and I was as far away from a saint as a teenager but damn it. The people who helped start all this now live in their mansion. There is nowhere to find. That’s because a democrat is in position. They’ll be out if we get a Republican. It doesn’t matter black people own white people, stop beating all these small business owners working and stealing everything they have! They didn’t break into the wrong store, they were filthy fuckers. Animals are themselves. Who cares what color shop owners are when they’re on the shop floor. It was and never will be related to real black life.

They play with you like puppets. Get each other out of work and home just so they can tell a narrative that fits their agenda. Just a bunch of good guys at their chess game. How does that feel? Are you ok? I hope not. Now pay attention to the people who played with you. They wear suits and work in your state’s capital. Destroy the black community and their food banks, while risking the police and others. Know that this is not the action of the community but others from the outside. All while blaming the police and other government officials.