The video posted by the girl on social networks quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone about how she raised cats and fed them. When it’s time to eat girl opened the door and the cats heard the familiar sound and quickly ran down to the place to be eaten. Many people after seeing this image thought that the girl had starved and not allowed

The cat eats enough, so it’s like that when it hears the sound of being eaten. But there are also opinions that most cats are like that and that these are normal actions of mischievous kittens.

Some people’s comments:

“Why keep in the room where there is no food or water. it shows they are starving”
“obviously don’t love cats this individual it’s not funny at all disgrace ( give them to loving humans ) ugh”

“The comments on here are just stupid. Some cats act like this around food no matter how much they eat. The judgement surround a 10 second video astounds me. Probably the same people that
have obese animals and don’t think that’s abuse 🤦‍♀️”
“I have a ton of rescues … and they don’t act like this ever these cats are not being fed enough at all 🙁”
“I’ve had cats..kittens..never have they acted this way to be fed..I am feeling pretty upset over this video..and I’m not a karen!!”
“Kittens should eat as much as they can/want to avoid behaviour like that and future problems. And on top of that they should have wet food with at least 70% meat content ….’

“They act like you don’t feed them normal and keep locked up in a room ,that’s so cruel.’
“My kitten does this in the morning she sits with my other two they are 15 years old and soon as I get out of bed she goes down the stairs like a tornado”
“I have a cat that does this no matter how much you feed her. She could have just eaten but if she hears food hit a bowl, be it cereal or dry dog food, she comes running like she’s never been fed”
“We’re they bottle fed. I foster and all my bottle fed babies act this way”