Recently, the online community spread an exciting video and received a significant response from everyone. The girl is following the request of a comment
to challenge her. The challenge is whether she can put her hand on her shoulder, specifically her palm. She happily replied to the statement,arguing that with a video response, nothing can stop her; she quickly overcomes the challenge with ease and is delicate for a bit of ink.

On the palm of her hand before doing it to prove that if her shoulder has ink on it, she has completed the challenge. The video, after being posted, became trending and trending.

For everyone to follow. A guy saw this trend and started doing his challenge. But it’s a pity that the guy couldn’t do it, which made it even more curious, and people began to do their challenges. Some people think this trend is too easy for girls because girls have less muscle and body being more resilient, it is also evident that it can be done; some people even joke that putting one hand over the other will complete the challenge quickly.

Just like that, the video became viral and interested many people, and today we will not be too surprised to see trends on social networks. But there are also many
the trend is negative, so everyone should avoid it to bring about a better-civilized society.