Recently on social networks has just posted a video recording an incident that happened right on the street. Police riding horses on the street give people a very

different view, what makes netizens more surprised is when a girl stands in the middle of the road and this police whistle blows as warned before but she does not

do it seemed to listen and was eventually knocked over by the horse and trampled on her.

This action made people around angry because of this action, there were also many fiercely controversial opinions on this issue. Some suggested it was the officer’s

fault when he caused her to fall in the middle of the road and step on the horse he was riding.

However, some comments defended this officer and said that this was her fault, they argued fiercely and commented that:

“Dude. It’s a horse. It’s not a bicycle. There’s no resting place. He’s clearly warning her of the danger. Definitely terrible, but not necessarily. It’s the fault of the police or the police. It’s even the fault of the horses.”

“Horses don’t have horns, that whistle warns you along the way”

” This is relatively easy to dodge. Don’t overtake a horse. Katherine is like not overtaking a moving vehicle just for reference.”

Most viewers think that this girl is wrong and this can’t be blamed on anyone, currently this video still receives a lot of comments about it, they argue extremely fiercely about the girl’s actions and police.